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Oakhampton cottage museum

One of the many museums along the Machinery Mile

oakhampton cottage

Walking through this quaint cottage is like stepping back in time and makes you realise just how easy we have it now days. Belongings were sparse and the important things to own were few and far between. Makes you wonder what we could do without?

basic living

Most homes back then had the basics, but generally included a piano for nightly or weekly singalongs with family and friends.

no luxuries back then

Ice coolers, cupboards with wire mesh to keep out flies and vermin, old style washing machines, certainly a lot different to today.

pretty expensive radio back then

Do you remember having one of these in your house growing up? We did, although not as grand as this.

The Museum is opened each morning at around 8.30am and closed at 5,30pm. Entry is free but a donation would be appreciated.