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ilfracombe state primary school
A great place to educate your children!



A school building (low set, one large room with verandahs in front and back) was opened in 1900. This served until 1937, with up to 70 children in eight grades being taught by two teachers and sometimes a pupil teacher. The emphasis was on the three R's, with the boys being taught to swim and the girls to sew.

In 1960 the first bus services began. Gradually, extra classrooms, a library and sporting facilities were added to the school.

what we offer

Today the Ilfracombe State School offers Prep to grade 6.

It has computers and ipads for learning,

Distance Education Programs, Great Playground,

Instrumental teacher weekly, French language teacher,Interactive white boards that connect to computers, Smaller groups for better learning,

Community garden with chickens, School camps,

Swimming lessons, HPE - Interhouse sports days, Annual swimming carnivals.

play time

The school has covered play areas to keep the kids Sun Smart and out of the sun, preventing them from getting sun burned or overheated.

sun smart

Ilfracombe State School is a 'Sun Smart' school.

p & c

The school has a strong P & C committee which successfully raises funds each year for different needs or events.

To contact the Ilfracombe State School, call

07 4658 2159


email: [email protected]


The need for a school was one of the main concerns of Ilfracombe's first settlers.

In 1891, the town's Progress Association pressed the Government to open a school but the Government waited to see whether Ilfracombe would become a permanent town.

In 1892 the Government agreed to open a 'Provisional School' that would be staffed by the Education Department if local residents supplied a suitable building and furniture. Fund raising began and by 1893, a building of about six metres square was complete.  

The Government supplied a teacher and the new school opened on 3rd May 1893.

By 1896 there were over 30 children at the school and the local committee pressed for a larger, permanent facility. The Government agreed to build a new school if the local people contributed 20% of the cost.

'Bung-eyes' - being caused by the prevalence of flies in Ilfracombe due to effluent from the wool scour, were a constant problem for local school children. Modern facilities, including lights, a ceiling fan, a radiogram and film projector, had to await connection of electric power in 1951. Development of the school grounds was possible after water was laid down in 1953.