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Our Story

We're getting through and enjoying every minute of our journey

who are we?

Ilfracombe is a strong community built on unity and even when things get tough, they will welcome you into their town with open arms and do their very best to ensure you have an unforgettable stay, and leave a yearning in your heart to return again and again.

not just the machinery mile

Yes, Ilfracombe is fondly remembered by most people as the town with the Machinery Mile! And as you look through this site, you'll see, Ilfracombe is known for much more than that!

sister town

Ilfracombe (pronounced; Ill - fra - comb) is located in the heart of Queensland, Australia, between Longreach and Barcaldine, but was actually named after a small Devonshire town in England (shown right). It originated in 1891 as a transport hub for Wellshot Station, the largest sheep station in the world at the time (in terms of stock numbers).

the way it was

The town had three hotels with plenty of accommodation, each with its own dance hall, two general stores, a billiard saloon, a coach builder, a soft drink maker, a couple of butchers, a baker, dressmaker, three commission agents and a saddler. Today, only one hotel remains out of all those.

population today & droving

Today there are just over 360 people living in the Ilfracombe region, which covers an area of 6,500 square kilometres. The shire claimed the record of the largest mob of sheep ever moved as a single flock in 1886. 43.000 sheep were moved through the area by a droving team of 27 horsemen, not including the cooks, blacksmiths and hands needed to accompany the drovers.

transport of wool prior to the railway

Long before the railway reached its way to Ilfracombe, wool transport consisted of giant wool laden wagons drawn by up to 30 horses, taking three months to carry the load of wool over the 650 kilometres to the nearest port, which back then was Rockhampton.

An Idea is Born in the machinery mile

It's unlikely that any other Australian town could boast such a brilliant display of historical machinery as does Ilfracombe. Not only that, but it's all on public shiw, with antiques machainery and farm equipment lining the entry road to the town. (A donation is appreciated when visiting).

where are we?

Nowadays Ilfracombe is a small western Queensland township surrounded by large grazing properties, located 27 kilometres east of Longreach and 80 kilometres west of Barcaldine, making it an ideal home base while you go exploring the rest of the region by car.

what's here now?

It's home to the popular Wellshot Hotel, Ilfracombe Caravan Park, Ilfracombe Artesian Spa, a very large swimming pool, The Historical Machinery Mile & Museum, Ilfracombe Post Office, Council Chambers, State Primary School, Police Station, Ilfracombe Motors and a host of other businesses. It's actually a great place to raise children. There are a variety of houses and land for sale at reasonable prices with everything you need close at hand.

when to travel

Unlike the coastal areas, the Outback does get hot in summer but doesn't get the humidity, making it comfortable to travel all year round. Winter time you'll need jeans and jumpers to keep warm.

The summer high temperature is approximately 42 °c.

The summer low temperature is approximately 22 °c.

The winter high temperature is approximately 24 °c.

The winter low temperature is approximately 8 °c.

Why Us?

We've been through severe drought and then floods but we're still standing tall and doing business.

Help show your support by coming out and staying spending a few days or a few weeks and find out all the secret things to do in the area.

We'd like to thank everyone that has opened up their hearts to help us with hay for the animals through the Burrumbateman Run and for assistance with getting food and supplies in when we were flooded in.